Shmulik’s Artistic Biography

My friends and acquaintances tell me that I have not valued my art as I should but I have been lucky that people do appreciate it. Art is a speculative brutal business which I have no interest in being involved with. I have had offers to exhibit and buy my art. One party offered to exhibit my work in New York and Berlin but this would have involved giving up the copyright of anything exhibited. I was also approached to contract to allow my paintings to be printed on wallpaper manufactured by Chinese firms. I have declined invitations to have tea in the House of Lords, cocktails at private art reviews. I have declined all offers so far as I wish not to waste valuable painting time or to complicate an activity that to me is a pleasure. Sadly my good friends in Birsk, Russia and also in Rumania have invited me to visit but because of other work commitments, I have not been able to accept such treasured invitations. Here is my artistic biography for your kind consideration.

A few years ago, I started making spaceships from odds and ends to create outer space scenes of which I took special effect photography. To improve on these concepts, I decided to commission artists to paint for me but this was expensive and took time.

I decided to teach myself to paint so I bought inexpensive brushes and oil and began to paint on wallpaper which was cheaper than canvas or artists paper.  Later I learned that you needed to paint gesso on paper before you paint with oil.

What I painted first was very simple. I did not have an idea of how to paint. I did not work hard and did it without much hope of improvement.

Eventually, I gave up and gave all my oil paint and brushes to a friend, sold all my photographic equipment and bought law books as I went to study law.

Years passed and while on my lunch in London, I noticed an art shop which was closing down, so I decided to buy all the acrylic paint on sale and some brushes and started to paint again on wallpaper.

From 2010 to now in 2015 I have painted frequently and now paint on professional paper adding gesso.

My technique has improved greatly since the early days and I paint almost every day, sometimes for long hours listening to Classic FM – I love Rachmaninov.

My paintings have been welcomed in Russia and I have gained good friends there. They have held a few exhibitions of copies of my work and even a student won an educational competition based on a review of my work. The prints of my paintings that have been exhibited in Russia have then been sold with my agreement and the proceeds have gone to help poor people in Russia which spurs me on to keep painting.

I have never sold any original paintings even though I have had requests to buy. I do need to catalogue my work and after I do, I may begin to sell the originals but do not promise anything at this time.

I have prints for sale in the UK and abroad, postage in the U.K. free and postage will charged for abroad. The sale of prints is subject to English law and Jurisdiction and subject to availability.   /   @shmulikelartist   /      

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