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Indie Ru – Russian Artist

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Indie Ru

I do not remember my first drawing or the day when my artistic skills became apparent, just as no one can recall their first word or when they learnt to read. Art came naturally to me; but when the time came to choose a subject at university, I switched off my heart and chose with my head. I chose architecture because my parents are architects and this is what I had been encouraged to study as well as the artists I was surrounded by were very poor. After studying for 4 years, my circumstances changed and I was no longer able to attend. I continued working in architecture, progressing to become a senior architect and studying my bachelor’s degree in the evenings. Despite everything felt perfect something was missing, I had come to a crossroads in my life and needed to make an important decision: to continue with my successful career or to risk everything to become the person I wanted to be. Ignoring my fears and resisting my family’s influence, I did quit my job and social life and moved back to my hometown. When I returned, I sought out the artist Jurgen Nickel, whom had created the first painting I had fallen in love with, aged 15. I took the opportunity to take painting classes taught by him immediately. Working in the studio of a poor yet fulfilled person that could be potentially selling their paintings for a fortune, grounded me. I recognized that not everything is about money and that passion is more important; for the first time in a long period I felt truly happy, I realized that I can paint for myself and that I want to do art for the rest of my life no matter what. After two years of training, I travelled to another village to paint “in plain air”. When I returned I was ready to start my own path. The most important lesson I learnt during this time was be honest and open when expressing myself on canvas; to paint with my soul. MY GOAL? I would like to positively impact society and to raise awareness about the “disease of ageing” through my art and to show that it is not just a normal process which should be accepted. I want to support scientific projects trying to find a cure for deadly diseases and improve longevity by attracting capital through exhibitions showing my art.

unnamed (5)

“Smells like teen spirit”, acrylic on canvas, 120 H x 95 W cm, 2016




“The Life clock”

To kill the illusion of a life line that is capable of getting extended or delayed, I’ve designed a symbolic clock with a life line drawn in the middle of it and connecting two dots – Birth and Death. There is a red magnetic arrow labelled “You are here” which has to be moved along the line to indicate your current location. This confrontation with death gives a chance to wake up from sluggish, ordinary existence, get moving, feel real life and take personal responsibility for living it to become a post-human in the end.







“Have you got another globe?”

Now that the world is convulsing under accelerating disasters and catastrophes, escaping from reality has never been more appealing to people. Technology has provided people with a substitute for problem solutions plunging them into a world of illusions. Loving virtual objects or showing pseudo-concern or pseudo-solidarity by applying color filters to profile images on Social Media. We have learned to react and preoccupy to the first digital signal in front of us but this, does not allow us to perceive a human being as the fragile biological entity that it is leaving our fellow humans to survive in the middle of indifferent Universe. Throughout our lives we are engaged into a meaningless performance that is supposed to convince ourselves and others that we are successful and happy. We keep evaluating ourselves against others and often suffer from such comparison. We become mannequins radiating pain all around us.
A mannequin created expressing a flayed man, wrapped in bubble wrap and marked with a label “Fragile. Handle with care”.
Appreciation of common suffering pulls us together and welds into a seamless whole, teaches us to be more tolerant, patient, merciful, indulgent and capable of love – that is what we all lack at this moment is my believe.


“Love is pain. Deal with it! Or the persistent porcupines”

The closer you get to someone, the more exposed all your sore spots become to that someone and the more prone you are to get hurt. The sculpture of two interlocking blackthorn branches is a metaphor for such relationship. But love is all about considering your partner’s sore spots and consciously protecting them instead of hitting them each time you are unsatisfied with something.

Let’s abandon anger and forget insults, let’s get rid of self-pity and forgive each other, let’s discover peace and harmony deep inside our hearts and open them to embrace love to ourselves and others – even if it can be hard and painful at times.




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